General Secretary's Message

I feel honored and privileged as a General Secretary of Dhoraji Association, being a representative body of Dhoraji Memons in Pakistan and is striving hard to develop an intellectual society that is based on values of humanity and social justice, exchanges and acceptance of ideas, stand against prejudice and suspicions.

There is no denying the fact that Dhoraji Association have appropriate plan of actions and team of experts who have multi-disciplinary approach for achieving their assigned targets and every person is ready to tackles his job with this slogan “We will do our best effort for welfare and betterment of our community”.

Being the General Secretary of the Dhoraji Association, I visualize that this Organization would go far beyond its boundaries to promote social justice, employment, poverty reduction, work for sustainable livelihood, Interfaith harmony, and ideas on one hand and transform local mind set of rigidity or conservatism in to open mind set –ready to accept ideas, change with the spirit of harmony and accommodation.

In short the Dhoraji Association aspires to bring a tremendous change in our community to interact, establish personal relations, develop human capital through extension of knowledge and creativity and this organization will act as a leader and step forward in way towards excellence. Give us your trust, we will give you our best to be best among all....

Muhammad Rizwan Naviwala