Mission & Vission


Dhoraji association is determined to end poverty among the people of community by providing them life-saving and life-affirming resources including HEALTH,FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE,EDUCATION,VOCATIONAL TRAINING, I.T. TRAINING that create a safe, supportive and positive environment for everyone.


A future where endless opportunities, possibilities are available for all the people of our community. 


1) To create the feeling of brotherhood amongst the memons of dhoraji and bring them close together.

2) To take up all matters,subjects and problems pertaining to the progress and welfare of the memons of dhoraji now living in Pakistan.

3) To frame rules and regulations within the framework of the Quran and Sun nah for conduct of the social matters and customs of the memons of dhoraji now living in Pakistan.

4) To unite the memons of dhoraji now living in Pakistan and by so doing to safeguard their commercial,economical,political, educational and social interests and to make all efforts for their upliftments in the above spheres and, in order to achieve these objectives to strive as far as possible for establishing maintaining or assisting the boarding houses , schools,orphanage,hospitals and volunteer cor or such other institutions.

5) To solve the rehabilitation problems and shortage of houses and if possible , to construct colonies and similar schemes and to implement such projects.

6) To propagate or to co-operate with or to support or to oppose the resolutions or activities affecting the memon of dhoraji now living in Pakistan ,directly or indirectly passed by the central or provincial legislatures, municipalities ,government and local bodies to or other organizations and thus to promote and protect the interest of the memons of dhoraji living in Pakistan in all walks of life.

7) To lend moral ,financial or any other kind of active support to any memon or non-memon activities of national welfare.

8) To take up and carry out all matters relating to the betterment of and progress of Pakistani memons in particular and the entire Pakistani nation in general.

9) To raise,accept and manage, if convenient, zakat fund or other charitable funds.

10) The association should not be a political party.

11) To affiliate with all Pakistan memon federation and/or other such organization for better service to the community in general and members of the association in particular.

12) To promote and establish organization(s) among the youth s of the dhoraji memon community for social activities within the framework of this constitution and voluntary social welfare agencies (registration and control) ordinance 1961.